Integrating a Content Management System with Word Online

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Hello Microsoft. Is it possible to integrate a Content Management System (CMS) with Word Online only for editing?  I am looking for an option whereby I can edit and format a document using Word Online through a plug-in on my bespoke CMS, instead of using its own editor.  Further, when I save my work on Word Online, the changes should reflect on the CMS as well.


Also, does the Track Changes feature work on Word Online? Hoping to see all features of the desktop version on Word for the Web soon.

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Regarding the question about the Editor, Is Your CMS built in SharePoint Online? If not then the answer is "it depends".


When You edit a file in Word Online you always have the option to open the file for editing in the desktop version of Word so You cannot restrict it to "online only".


The answer to your question about Track Changes is this: Can I use Track Changes in Word Online?


Hope that was the answer (at least partly) to your question.

Regards, Magnus

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for your response. The CMS is not based on SharePoint but a bespoke CMS that has been created for a project I am allocated to.

The editor on this CMS is not equipped to detect proofing errors and the structure and alignment of the content is altered by even the basic "copy and paste" action from an external source. Therefore, I want to explore the option of editing documents on this CMS using Word Online.

Has such an integration been successful before?

Best regards,
Pooja Iyer