Information Barriers in education

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I hope this is the right place for this question.


During Ignite I saw the prsentation of Information Barriers:


I think this is a nice solution for education. There are a lot of tenants where students and educators are in the same tenant. There is always the same question that students can't see the profile information from educators. (06 etc.) With Information barriers you can block this as far as I understand the guidelines.


But when you want to work together with students then this a showstopper. Because of the barrier you can't work together.


Is it possible that you have this barrier, but that you can work together via Teams for example?  Otherwise this barrier isn't a solution for the problem. 

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Well IB only applies to Teams currently, and in your case this is the workload you want to exclude, so it seems they are not a good match. Apart from them, you can use Exchange Address book policies, which can "hide" users from each other, but don't really stop them from communicating.

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@Vasil Michev Well, Information Barriers replace Exchange Address Book Policies (when you create IB policies, Exchange generates new GALs etc. to match the IB policy restrictions). Also, SharePoint Online is due to respect IB policies to ensure that documents are shared only between users allowed to communicate. 


See (or read Office 365 for IT Pros...)

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Thank you both for your answers. I have read those blogposts. I thought maybe I was overlooking something. But that is not the case. So information barriers is not the answer for the problem I wrote in my openingspost.