How to integrate Power Bi and Ms Planner using Ms Flow?

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Hi Guys,


Recently I faced an issue: how to get better reportings come from Ms Planner? And during my research, I read some discussions about using Ms Flow to export data from Planner to Sharepoint and them use Sharepoint data to build reportings in Power BI. 


I would like to know if someone have already worked with this idea, and if could share your experience about that. Basically, I woul like to re-ignite this dicussion.



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It depends on which information and when you want to extract it from Planner.

As triggers you have this options:



But you can also work with time-triggers or other triggers.

But then you need to be very specific about the tasks you want to extract with flow(if you could filter it on a specific intervall or something).


When you have your trigger, you could extract data and create an entry in a Sharepointlist for example:



So it´s possible, you just need to find the trigger you need and so on.

I am looking at the same issue for a customer. They have too many tasks and loose the overview. We want to use power BI to create custom reports. Any progress on this ?