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I am totally new to this and this is my first post. 

We are working on building a power app for booking rooms. We would like to ensure that all the users book rooms only through the power app but not directly from Outlook ( Roomlists ). However, when we hide the roomlists from being visible in Outlook, they get hidden from Power app too ( we use o365 connector , Office365.GetRooms() ) 

Any way we could achieve this functionality ?  Any help is highly appreciated.

PS :  Booking via power app is due to additional rules we incorportated for meeting rooms which cannot be handled using any existing rules in exchange. 

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Hello @sidhem,


unfortunately I believe you can do nothing. 

Power app behaves like any other email client (Outlook/OWA) and I don't see any way to change its behavior. 

Hi @Victor Ivanidze , Thank you for your reply. You are right. Power Apps behaves like any other Outlook / OWA client.  We tried a workaround and it meets our criteria perfectly. 

We used a service account in O365 which has exclusive rights to book meeting rooms and used an O365 outlook connector based on this service account in the Power App. 


This way, even though users are able to see the rooms through outlook they are unable to book. 



Hi @sidhem, really smart solution, congrats.

I've concentrated on requirement  that the room mailboxes have to be hidden .

Hi @Victor Ivanidze , That would have been best ( hide rooms ). But , as you rightly said, it doesnt work.