Flow not working after changing the default view in SharePoint

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after changing the default view in SharePoint the flow workflows do not work. I changed the default view and deleted the automatic default view. After that the workflows did not get started anymore. I guess that the flow workflow is connected to the ID of the default view of a SharePoint site. How can I fix the problem or are there any opportunity to restore the list version before changing the view?

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Have you tried just editing the affected flow, and editing & saving the connection to the list - so it re-checks the properties of the list?
Flow should not be linked to a SPO view so it's very strange the problem you are experiencing. To work, Flow relies on the user that created the flow and the users that can execute it

Hi Rob,

thanks for your reply.

I just created a new flow with just sending a test mail if a new element ist added to the SharePoint list. This flow do not start running either.


I solved the Problem! The Problem was that I had added a SharePoint Person & group field as an multiselect field. I added six Person in the field. That was the Problem that flow did not start running. After deleting this field to workflow started normally.