F3 license question

Hi everyone,

We have a functional mailbox with F3 license (used as shared mailbox for a team but it is not sharedmailbox in EAC)

Do F3 license won’t allow users to login in Outlook Desktop? It is just weird why other users can use this functional mailbox with this license before, but now having problem with Outlook Desktop. They can open this mailbox in OWA without any problem.

Is there any reason for this?
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F3 does not allow Outlook access, use OWA/mobile instead.

What about Auto Mapping? For example if I delegate a full access to the userA in userB's mailbox with F3 license.

Will User B's mailbox appear on User A by auto mapping? If yes, can User A access the mailbox? can user A send and receive an email?

No Outlook access, period.