Can't login to Skype for Business

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I'm in Office365 OK, but Skype for Business (SfB) does not accept my credentials (either username, password or 'domain'

Same credentials Works fine in Office 365 login.


I have reinstalled SfB several times … no help :(


Exact errormessage in attachment … sorry but it's in Finnish.

It says something like …

Login to SkB unsucceeded
Username, password or domain seems to be incorrect. Be sure you gave corrects ones. If problem persists, contact your support personel.


There is a link to this page (one again in Finnish) …


What can cause this problem?

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Can you login OK to OWA and do you see the SfB icon there? Does it work OK? One of the common issues is DNS related, you can work around it by manually configuring SfB:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right, Tools, then Options.
  2. Click Personal, then the Advanced button.
  3. Enter as the Internal and External server under Manual configuration.
  4. Confirm the changes and log in again.


Additional troubleshooting tips here:

Also if Vasils ideas don’t work. If it’s there, Try clicking the “delete saved login or local credentials” link. I forget the word. But I’ve seen that thing cache and cause issues.

Sorry my late respond .. I had some other issues.


Can you login OK to OWA and do you see the SfB icon there?

I have no problems to login OWA.
I do not see SfB there.

Does it work OK?

I have no icon to enter it.


Click the Settings icon in the upper-right, Tools, then Options.

Sorry, but what Settings you refer to?  :(

Do you refer to the cogwheel to left from my profile picture in OWA?
I do not find any Tools related links there :(

There's only Outlook look&feel related settings.

The settings are for the SfB desktop client. If you are not seeing the SfB icon in OWA however, you have other issues than DNS. Are you properly licensed for SfB? Can you see the user in the SfB admin center?

The new OWA interface also does not have the Skype Icon.




Sometimes you have to trick the Network. The 2 factor authentication does not show up. So what I do is disconnect one connection. Like on a Laptop, there is a Network cable and WiFi usually connected. So, just disconnect the WiFi then try to open up Outlook / Skype. Should then see the window open for the 2 factor authentication.  I bet that could have been the issue. Not sure but I see this a lot.  Just happened to me.  Maybe you just changed your Password or changed what network you are connecting to.


Good Luck


Thx @James541 !


That is not the case because this happens in all locations I have visited and with LAN and Wifi.

But M$oft is moving our organization to Teams in one week and SfB will be closed for use then.

So, I'm not interested to solve this further anymore.

TThis case is closed for me.



There is the Gear Icon and then there is the down arrow next to it. This down arrow is where you will find Tools plus other options. From Tools, the Options referred to in this thread is at the bottom of the fly-out list.

@Vasil Michev  I was having the same issue. Your fix worked for me. Thanks!