365 user account for app only, need to block access to web portal

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We have an external sharepoint php app where we have the user account and password stored in the config settings to enable it to connect to sharepoint and email.  the user account has been suitably restricted to only outlook and sharepoint, and to that end the sharepoint privileges are customised to only allow the the user to do the bare minimum required from the app.


The issue is that the user/password credentials are still able to log in to the portal and although app permissions are restricted there is still other information visible in the users profile, including lists of documents last accessed by other members of our team etc. 


We would really like to block this user account from accessing the portal via a browser completely.


Is there a way to block access via the portal but still allow remote access to Outlook and Sharepoint via the App?




Greg J

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If you remove all the licenses from the user it shouldn't go into the portal etc. but still allow access to SharePoint.
Instead of using user and password in your App, I would review other ways to be authorized agains Office 365 services...what APIs are you using in your PHP App?