Microsoft celebrates Earth Month
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Aerial view of terraced rice paddiesAerial view of terraced rice paddies


Reimagine action: Celebrating Earth Day by preparing the next generation for stewardship


Earth Day is celebrated around the world this year on April 22, bringing focus and intention to the challenges of environmental preservation in the face of a changing global climate. 


We are celebrating by offering skills and technology that enable everyone to become stewards of the environment. By preparing the next generation of environmentalists with the AI and tech skills they need to thrive in a new sustainability-focused economy, we are bringing opportunities to young people and more ideas to conversations on how to preserve our planet.


Learn about how skills and technology are key to meeting the challenges of environmental conservation.


What does a young workforce need to thrive in a new green economy?


EY, Microsoft and UNICEF have a shared mission to support young people with the sustainability skills needed to thrive in the new green economy.


Together, EY and Microsoft created the Green Skills Passport (GSP), which provides participants with 10+ hours of free, on-demand training on topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, and skills for employment. Using EY-curated content built on the Microsoft Community Training platform, the Green Skills Passport is now available for organizations such to share with their community members to further scale the impact and educate more participants on this free sustainability training. 


Since formally launching in October 2023, EY and Microsoft have upskilled 30,000+ participants across the US, UK, Italy, China, India and Bangladesh – with 11 additional countries launching through 2024.  The program is currently available in English, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese – with Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic and French to be available soon. 


Find more green learning resources


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