MSIXVC container

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Where I can get the details about the MSIXVC container, and tools/SDK to create the MSIXVC container.


What is the difference between MSIX and MSIXVC container



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Hi @Banna1015 


We have a short description of MSIX Container here - note we will be updating this information with more details 


To learn more about SDK - it has the link to our GitHub repository as well. 

Hi @Dian Hartono 


Thanks for your reply.


Actually, I know about MSIX and its SDK.

I want to know about MSIXVC container and how it different from MSIX container. 


Some of the package extensions are available only for MSIXVC container.  For information


So, can you provide information about MSIXVC container, such as difference between MSIX, and how to create it, and if any SDK for it.




Cool! Thanks for the clarification @Banna1015 

MSIXVC is an extension of MSIX that is specifically designed for games that are published through PC GamePass; it is not used for non-game scenarios.


More information can be found with the following links: