MSIX Runtime: support for share folder creation needed.


Running a MSIX package on a domain joined machine, logged in as a domain admin.  The MSIX application works with a file from a network share.  The user and machine accounts have full permissions on the share (and folders).  The MSIX app calls:


to create a folder on the network share.  This call succeeds in a native install of the application, but fails with a ACCESS_DENIED

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Hi Timothy,

Can you elaborate - when do you see the ACCESS_DENIED error?

The Access_Denied error is seen in the procmon trace of the application when it makes this call.  


This sounds like something we should take a look at in more depth. Are you able to file a bug through the feedback hub using the "Recreate My Problem" option to capture logs and screenshots?



This is easier.  Here is the MSIX file with the app.  One would launch the app (TMEdit), and open a Microsoft App-V package from a file share, such as \\server\share\somefolder\packagename\packagename.appv 


Then save the file off using default settings.  This would attempt to create the folder \\server\share\somefolder\packagename_2 and this causes the access denied.


The app version in this package doesn't actually trap for this and crashes when it subsequently tries to use that folder, but the problem is the access denied.  Your test team can re-sign the package to test, or contact me and I'll send the self-signed cert and password.