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MSIX Autoupdate feature by modifying the msix without using .appinstaller file.

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We are trying to create an MSIX package with an update feature by modifying the "AppxManifest.xml" file. 


Here is the content we are trying to insert:




        <uap13:AppInstaller File="Update.appinstaller" />




But, Autoupdate is not working as expected, please confirm if any steps to be followed.

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@DhanarajG There isn't much to tell you from the post. 


Given the reference shown, the referenced file would have to be placed in the top level (folder) of the package. 


Presumably you also added the uap13 definition to the package element at the top of the AppXManifest file (otherwise the package would have failed in makeappx/makemsix).  I'm traveling and don't remember the minimum OS version to support this feature, but check that in the documentation if you are not on 22h2 or above.



After that it depends on the contents of the appinstaller.xml file.


Thank you for your response. I am currently following this reference: but I'm encountering difficulties in achieving the auto-update feature using an MSIX package. (If I attempt with a .appinstaller file, it works as expected.) I am using Windows 11 for this feature, as mentioned in the provided document.

My intention is to have the MSIX file for my application with the auto-update feature added under the <Properties> tag in the AppxManifest file. The desired outcome is that whenever I update the latest .msix in the shared path, the installed app should be updated automatically.

Thank you for any insights you can provide.


@DhanarajG The normal process to use is to copy the updated MSIX file onto the share location with a different filename than the original (to ensure that you don't mess up someone trying to install the current version until you have everything ready).  Then you edit the AppinstallerXML file, changing the version string and URI of the mainpackage to point to the updated MSIX file path and name.  Save that file overwriting the existing file on the share.


I also want to make you aware of the following article (just in case you didn't know) Disabling the MSIX ms-appinstaller protocol handler - Microsoft Community Hub





Hi Tim,
Thank you for your response, the shared link is helpfull. But I am trying to achieve the automatic updates once installed the MSIX package, but in my experiments, I have to run the .appinstaller file to install the updates. Looking for whenever the application launches it should check for the updates and install it. Searching for this.
Thank you,
The supported method for upgrading the package is one of the AppInstaller methods. From inside the running program it is not possible. The AppInstaller method can trigger upon launch, but is handled by an svchost process before the launch.
Thank you so much, I will try it.