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MakeAppx with publisher bridge - error ID=0x80080218, Error=317

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While updating the certificates for our app, we noticed that it would no longer auto update since the publisher name had changed. Following the guide here, we created a publisher bridge file and used that as an argument for makeappx.exe

makeappx.exe pack /d .\content\ /p output /h SHA256 /pb .\artifacts.txt

However, this operation fails with the error message

MakeAppx : error: Error info: Unspecified error
MakeAppx : error: Package creation failed.
MakeAppx : error: 0x80080218 - MakeAppx encountered an error: ID=0x80080218, Error=317)

Using makeapp.exe without the /pb flag packages the app like it should.


Any suggestion as to what can be the problem here? Is the publisher bridge file set up incorrectly?

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Error 0x80080218 does signal that the publisher bridging file is not set up correctly. It's hard to know exactly why without more details. One possible reason is if you are using the "new" publisher name in the manifest instead of the "old" one. The artifact will let you sign using a cert with the "new" name, but you still have to use the "old" name in the manifest.
Thanks! It was indeed that I had put the new publisher name in the app manifest instead of keeping the old one. Thanks!