AddPackageByUriAsync return null use CloudFlare URI

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Hi MS Experts and MSIX Community,


I was using AddPackageByUriAsync to install MSIX package with URI hosted by CloudFlare. The AddPackageByUriAsync returns null and wasn't able to continue the install.


Is there any way to know what caused AddPackageByUriAsync returns null? Logs in somewhere? Or another API to get PackageManager event logs?




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@Peitao Su


For deployment logs, you can open “Event Viewer” then navigate to “Applications and Services Logs” -> Microsoft -> Windows -> AppxDeployment-Server -> Microsoft-Windows-AppxDeploymentServer/Operational


Please feel free to file feedback using Win+F --> Categories: Developer Platform --> App Deployment

Hi Aniket,

Thank you for your reply. I tried to follow your steps to get deployment logs, but AddPackageByUriAsync return null directly without adding any log into Microsoft-Windows-AppxDeploymentServer/Operational.

I just filed feedback by using Feedback Hub.