Prototype: Azure Spatial Anchors for ARKit/ARCore using Unreal Engine 4.26

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Hello Everyone,

Here is a video of the prototype I am building to test the upcoming support for Azure Spatial Anchors for ARKit/ARCore in Unreal Engine 4.26


Spatial Anchors saved from previous session are loaded up on scanning the same space. A progress bar has been added to give feedback of Session Quality(Turns green on value greater that 1.0). A Watcher is started subsequently and saved anchors are restored from the cloud.

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Pretty cool to see this running on Unreal and mobile! Yay for cross-platform :) Is this just a test, or are you working up to a project with this one?

Have a wayfinding app and a mini game level in mind. I am exploring anchor sharing between iOS and Android, the android part is still not working as intended. So I will continue to explore that before shaping this to an app.

where do you find documentation/tutorials on how to set things up for the unreal engine? very hard to find this one in internet @aka_anoop