HoloLens 2. Users feedback on sore eyes

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I am working with a Training company implementing HoloLens 2. into practical Construction related learning & assessment.

Feedback from the first group of 12 users includes a high percentage of reporting that HoloLens makes their eyes sore. 

Those of us who have been using HoloLens for 8+ months don't have this experience. 

Has anyone else had this feedback form users and if so does it diminish with them becoming experienced with HoloLens?

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Very few complaints here, but of the few, all of them have disappeared after the first/second use. 
I myself experienced the same eye fatigue on the first time wearing the headset, but second/third time it was also gone.  

If they still experience issues after 2/3rd time, run eye calibration and lower brightness a couple 10%s with the brightness adjustment knob.

@Raidennn Thank you for your reply. Helpful suggestions.