Microsoft Word has the worst customer service

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I've been trying to reach customer service for hours.  The automated system hangs up, it is impossible to get transferred to billing, and there is absolutely no available person to help.


Furthermore, Microsoft wonders why people pirate their software?  It would be extremely easy to do so, but I choose to pay for my services.  I ask, what exactly are we paying for? Apathy from a billion dollar company?


This is why people switch to Apple products, this is why people blast Microsoft on web forums and community groups, this is why this company will be gone before the end of the century. Greed, terrible business practices and lousy customer service will end this company.  It is amoral.  Also, I used to be an avid Microsoft fan until today.


Can't wait for the "Blockbuster" train to hit Microsoft.  They'll be out of business wondering what happened just like VHS tapes in the 2000's.


Kind regards you greedy executives,

Mawi Fresh

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