Microsoft To Do can't sign out

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Hello all,


I am having trouble with Microsoft To Do app.

The app used to work perfectly, however I had to reinstall my computer and after I installed the app, it logged automatically with my corporate account (so far ok), however I want it to be logged with my personal account. So I clicked the end session and the problem is there - it stays logging out indefinitly. And if I restart the app it will open in the other account.

Can someone help? Is there a way to reset the app so that it will ask me again the account to which I want to log in to?


Thank you.

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@mgomespedro - Presume you've clicked on your account (top left) and selected "manage accounts" and tried to sign out from there? If you have, go back to manage accounts and "add another" account. Use the log in details for the account you want to use. Then try signing out of the one you dont want leaving you connected to the right one.