Allow delegate to manage boss's to do/my day

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Hi there--we are gov't, so unable to use or Asana and trying to recreate some of the intuitive functions with limited luck.


I'm an executive with an assistant.  My assistant has full delegate access to my email and calendar, but cannot manage my to-do.  While we have shared lists, she cannot: 1) put tasks on "my day" list, which cannot be shared; or

2) make an email into a task on my to-do--she can flag the email in my inbox, but then I have to take that and add it to a to-do list.


Generally, I need her to be able to put things on my "today" to do list. 


In addition, please add functionality to be able to make a "to-do" item into an appointment or meeting, to schedule working on it, and to link onenote to it.  To do seems like it has a lot of potential, but the functionality is so limited as of yet!

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I totally agree that To Do needs to build in Delegate access. It's ridiculous that my assistant can see my email and calendar but can't see or manage my To Do list, especially since most of my To Dos are generated from email. Is this on the To Do roadmap?
Any update on this? I'd love to see this feature become available