Weird error - camera showing black and white

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I'm having a weird error with MS Teams on Desktop. On my side (with the little preview window), my camera shows in colour and comes through clearly, however everyone else in the call with me sees me in black and white/semi-distorted.


I have tested this in other video apps (Discord, WebEx, Facebook Messenger) and they all work fine showing me in colour, but on MS Teams it turns me black and white. I can see this if I turn on 'large gallery' or 'together mode', but otherwise I can't see it. Going into settings to check my camera shows it in colour as well.


I'm using a Logitech HD Webcam C270. I have unplugged and replugged the camera in, tried updating drivers (they are up to date), and have re-installed teams. The problem seems to be with MS Teams, not with my camera given it doesn't occur in any other app/program


Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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Same issue here - I have a freshly installed i9 with a GeForce 1050 Ti graphics card and Logitech C270 webcam with the exact same issue.


Tried with Zoom and no issues so appears to be fine so appears to be just teams.


Very weird.



@Ibby85 Going back to Nvidia driver version 457.51 has resolved the issue for me, so whilst only impacting Teams (zoom, etc all fine), this could be a driver issue?

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@scurry126 Wanted to give an update on my findings.


I also reverted back to Nvidia driver version 457.51, which has resolved the issue for me. This appears to be an Nvidia driver issue with their latest version causing these problems. I have had Teams meetings all morning and everyone has told me that my video feed is fixed.


I tried uninstalling OBS and turning off Hardware Acceleration in Teams, but those didn't work. I also swapped my Nvidia card with an AMD Radeon card, which did solve the issue.


So in summary, you need to revert back to 457.51 on Nvidia cards until Nvidia releases an updated firmware to fix this issue.

Can confirm 457.51 removes the problem for me, too.


I'd already rolled the driver back over Christmas because a game I bought in the Steam sale kept crashing. Turned out that was an issue with the very latest Nvidia drivers. Seems Nvidia does indeed have multiple issues with their most recent drivers.

I also faced this same issue. Today I noticed Nvidia have released a new updated driver for my graphics card. I have installed this and all seems to be working now!

I too have run in to this, though in may case I have been told it has a more sepia tone, and often is only partially black and white. Seems like video compression running amok. 


I use Xsplit and first tried the camera input directly to no avail. In my case it's a Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO running the feed in to the PC via USB. I also tested my Logitech Brio and it too had the same issue.


I did have an update available when I checked in Teams. Hoping that update solves the issue.  



I just installed the new driver and will test.  Thanks for the info!


@Pauldredge I installed the new driver (7-1-2021) but still the same issue here. 

Same results here, seemed to work last night but then this morning I am back with the b&w video with a splash of orange.


I've checked the logs in dev tools and it flags up this as an error





Same problem here. This problem doesn't occur on the web version of MS teams, so what I've done is install the MS teams site as an app, and this seems to fix the problem. This does take away some features, but they're not major functions, so this probably won't bother you. Hope this helped!

@Pauldredge  I installed the Nvidia drivers 461.09 released on 7/1/2021 but they didn't solve the problem. I still appear in B&W in MS Teams.

@Ibby85  +1 same problem here, no fix as of yet. No mention elsewhere on this topic as far as I can see.



Looking at this thread:


It appears to be an issue caused by NVIDIA drivers after 457.51. Going to roll back to 457.51



I reverted my driver back to 457.51 and that seemed to solve the issue. 



Well i can report that while the new 461.09 driver seems to be a lot more stable in this regard, I just had the color shift occur during a call.


That said I was running Nvidia Broadcast at the time and when I killed broadcast and rejoined with just the native Brio 4k as a video source it did work so not sure if broadcast caused the issue.  I will run with just the native video source for the next while to see if it re-occurs . 


I also reverted back to Nvidia driver version 457.51, which has resolved the issue for me. Waiting for next driver update.

Hello @Ibby85, did you have any further update?  Have your video drivers fixed the issue?  Have you tried another camera to see if it's having the issue elsewhere?  Tried putting the camera in a different PC and another camera in the same PC?  It's strange to have other applications working fine but Teams not and it seems to be down to video driver.  Have you seen what your video looks like on other attendee's video?  Does this seem to be working okay? 

I've had this issue for weeks now. I've only found one other individual in my organization with this problem and strangely, we both have the nVidia GTX 1070. He has a Logitech Brio, while I have the C922 webcam. I reverted to driver version 457.51 today and I went a whole 30 minutes (the entire meeting) without having my video loose color, so this may in fact be the temporary workaround for me. 


My coworker independently stated he read that uninstalling and reinstalling teams fixed the issue, so he tried it and it worked for him too. We're going to stay in touch over the next few days to see if either of these address it permanently.

In response to my message above, both my coworker and I reported success with eliminating the black and white video in teams. He with uninstalling Teams, rebooting and reinstalling; me with revering back to the 457.51 version of the nVidia driver. My preference would be to use newer drivers. I uninstalled Teams, installed the latest nVidia drivers and rebooted. Then I reinstalled Teams. I've gone 2 meetings so far without any reported issues from the audience. When it was happening, it would occur consistently within 5 minutes, so I think I'm good, but I'll declare success after a full day or two under my belt.


Hope this is helpful!

Ditto. Razer Kiyo and RTX3080

I've been experiencing this since the Cyberpunk gameready driver dropped. I've come across other people in my org and suppliers with the same issue, all on Nvidia cards.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Teams doesn't resolve this in the long term sadly (source: have done this myself and thought it was solved). It'll be back, it's just intermittent. The only fix appears to be the driver rollback.

Bring on the patch NVIDIA!