Weird error - camera showing black and white

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I'm having a weird error with MS Teams on Desktop. On my side (with the little preview window), my camera shows in colour and comes through clearly, however everyone else in the call with me sees me in black and white/semi-distorted.


I have tested this in other video apps (Discord, WebEx, Facebook Messenger) and they all work fine showing me in colour, but on MS Teams it turns me black and white. I can see this if I turn on 'large gallery' or 'together mode', but otherwise I can't see it. Going into settings to check my camera shows it in colour as well.


I'm using a Logitech HD Webcam C270. I have unplugged and replugged the camera in, tried updating drivers (they are up to date), and have re-installed teams. The problem seems to be with MS Teams, not with my camera given it doesn't occur in any other app/program


Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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A patch fix has been released with an Nvidia driver fix:



I was having this problem but it went away.  I am on NVIDIA 460.89 and so far fine.  I think what fixed it for me was disabling hardware acceleration in Teams rather than my NVIDIA driver version.  YMMV.



It says Zoom...are we sure this works for MS teams? I'm happy to download but worried this problem will show up again on an important work call

Well I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let u know

@sadhour Teams now works fine :) Just download and install the Nvidia Driver I linked and all good!

I've been using the the 461.33 Hot Fix Driver for over two days and dozens of meetings without issue.

@Ibby85 Can confirm the newly released hotfix drivers are working fine here, too.

@bendobbo Okay I have the 461.33 hotfix driver! Still weirded it out that GeForce thinks the release date is 12/2/2020 and that this is the "latest" driver.  I can still download the next update when it's pushed out you think? Sorry for being such a novice

@sadhour Yes, you certainly can :smile:

There is a new NVIDIA driver that came out today. NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 461.40 


The patch notes have the following:

[Zoom][NVENC]: Webcam video image colors on the receiving end of Zoom may appear incorrect. [3205912]


Installed the driver and it fixed my and my friends problem of funky colors/black&white/blue&red distortion on Skype video calls. Might be wort of try!


My setup: Logitec C920 + RTX3090

Friends setup: Logitec Brio 4K stream edition + Geforce 1080

Your camera may show black and white output if it is not properly configured. Moreover, an outdated camera driver or Windows of your system may also result in the error under discussion.

Hope this helps



Thanks for replying to a thread that's over 18 months old :lol:


It was found to be a problem with a couple of specific Nvidia drivers (detail is all in this thread!) and was fixed pretty quickly in the end.