Voice-Enabled Channel but Calls tab is missing

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Voice-Enabled Channels are general available, so I've deployed 2 of them

in my Teams environment. I can already call the number and it would show

it's connected to the channel (pop-up notification, etc), but we are 5 days

later now after deploying the channels and still no Calls tab in the channels.


Did I do something wrong or did I miss something? I've already looked on

the internet and saw a post on Erik's 365 Blog and I performed exactly those

steps, so is it just a waiting game now till it shows or ... ?


Thanks all in advance for your replies!

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Hello @Aerton  If you don't get a response from members of this community, you can try opening a ticket at for personalized tech support.


we tried this feature too. We have same problem. You only see calls after restarting teams or logoff and loggon. The callhistory is dont show who has picked a call. At the moment we only see our own picked calls and the missed. But we dont see the picked calls from colleague. Another missing feature is, we are not able to use voicechannel number for outgoing calls. At the moment the personally number is used to start calls. On mobile or web the tab calls is missing completly.

In our case, the feature is also only partially available.
New calls are only displayed after a restart of Teams and no matter who has answered a call, it is always displayed as if you had answered the call yourself.

@Aerton My organization is in the same boat. I have modified a few call queues to use teams channels, but have yet to see a tab pop up. We are a GCC tenant, so my initial ticket with microsoft boiled down to them telling me that since it was still in the "rolling out" phase, it had just not hit our tenant. It is now "launched" with general availability and still getting nothing to show up in our channel tabs. I have opened another ticket to see what they say. If it's anything useful, i will update this post.

@admin_1991 We get the exact set of issues you do, I am not sure this feature is production ready, also have noticed inconsistent presence display for the team members, would be lovely for Microsoft to give us an indication of when this might be ready for production as would certainly drive us to adopt company wide.
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@pgilbertson , the tab will only show up in the Windows and Mac client. I tested for days in the browser until someone told me :)


It's documented here:

Voice-Enabled Channel but Calls tab is missing - Microsoft Tech Community


The following clients are supported when using a Teams channel for call queues:

  • Microsoft Teams Windows client
  • Microsoft Teams Mac client

@Aerton We have this same issue, has been about 48h since assigning the queue to the channel. Calls are coming in fine to channel members at least.

We are starting to use this option also, but I find that I can only dial inside Teams numbers, and not any outside PSTN numbers.  It's giving me user not available, which is an odd error.