Voice don't go through android auto

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When I connect my phone to android auto, I can't access a meeting.  And if I use my phone to connect to the meeting, the voice don't go through Bluetooth, it stays on my phone only.


Is it a bug?

What is the purpose of having a team application on android auto if I can't listen/speak to someone on a meeting call/meeting?


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Seems like you are connecting the device to a not supported scenario, Android Auto is still not supported with Microsoft Teams.

As of now only Apple Car Play is supported

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Satish U

@RealTime_M365 any ETA for this option in android auto?


Hi Satish 

Any response to Andrei's request for an ETA for this option?  It's been 14 days since then.

Firstly Android is by far the vast majority of devices in use. 
I, too, use Android Auto so an answer would be nice.  And this is getting to be a joke - especially the way Microsoft refuses to respond to, and simply ignores, polite and genuine requests.

Your soonest response will help other companies decide if Teams is not the way forward, especially these days with so many of us not working at an office.


Looking forward to a response from someone in Microsoft who CARES!  :)



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Hello All,

Yes this feature is coming this was announced by Google I/O

At I/O 2023 today, Google shared a few updates for both Android Auto and Android Automotive OS. Perhaps the biggest news is that Google is working with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex to bring those virtual meeting apps to Android-equipped vehicles. If the thought of joining a video call in your car sounds like a driving hazard, don't worry: the meetings will be audio only with simplified controls on the infotainment display.


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That's a good update, Satish. Thanks.

My apologies for being so curt before, as most MS requests I have put in over the years have had zero useful response.   

IMHO I am surprised it's taken this long. feels like a business decision, not a technology issue
same problem here with Android Auto: when joining a meeting from the teams mobile on a android phone, speaker is working, but microphone not. The native Android Auto Teams app is of very limited use.