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I noticed when I create a meeting in Microsoft Teams, it appears in calendar of attendees, but then everyone in the organisation is able to just click and join the meeting  they were not uninvited to.

Is there any option to disable this so that random people can’t join the meeting, like a private meeting or anything else?


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Only the ones with the meeting invite will know about the meeting, but if someone that you invite forward that invite then someone else will know about your meeting. You can if you invite from outlook turn off the permission to forward the meeting invite, but they will still be able to copy the information.


You can with lobby settings turn on so that external users have to wait in the lobby, but users from your organisation can't be forced to wait in the lobby. There is an uservoice requesting this, vote for that.


It is not possible to invite private channels, that would maybe be an solution if we get that feature. Vote for that uservoice here:


So, no there is no technical solution for this. The only "solution" is to ask the participants you invite not to forward the meeting information.

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Thank you for your reply.

What we've experienced so far is that people actually don't forward the meeting, but information about Teams meeting is displayed on their calendar and then others by seeing this calendar entry can just click 'join the meeting' on the calendar and thus able to participate uninvited. That's what i was wondering about if  there  is any way around that, to disable other people joining like this?

So someone shared their calendar or set the permissions so that others can read the calendar items. Then the uninvited will be able to read the invitation and join the meeting, all you need is the join link.
Yeah sounds like you have invited or someone had a forward of some kind sending the invite out to others when they get it or are you creating the meeting in teams and adding it to a channel? If you add a channel anyone in the attached Teams will get an invite to the meeting as well so be careful there.

@Linus Cansby

Yes, by default calendars are shared so meeting links are visible.  In small meeting attendees may notice additional people but in larger meeting people could join and lurk.  Setting the meeting to private would fix it but that is not the culture of our org. 

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@kadcam So either you have open calendars and everyone will be able to read all meetings, and join all meetings. Since the culture of your organisation is open this might be the easiest. If you have a private meeting that just a few people should know about, the calendar item should be private and then only the ones that been invited and can read the invite will be able to join the private meeting.


If someone in your organisation have access to read the join link they will be able to join the meeting.

@Linus Cansby Thats not really accurate the links aren't that secure and to make it worse they generated based on the name of the meeting. The Unique part is what around 48 chars as may not all be unique within that and the options can be limited by using common names like "stand up". so really this isn't an answer at all.



@Linus Cansby We've seen the same things the problem is the links are to easy to break not sure what the point of breaking them is but it does happen. Our calendar sharing is to not allow them to be shared externally and internally they are set to busy and availibilty only.