Teams Webinar not allowing registered users to join

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Hi there,


I'm hoping someone will be able to help - we use Webinars for our internal CPD sessions - our administrator sets them up in advance and sends a link to the registration page for staff to register. Staff have been able to register but when they've then gone to join the webinar it says that they are unable to join as they haven't registered. But their name is on the list of registered attendees. This is only happening to a few users, not all.


When the webinar is set up - our administrator then goes into webinar from her own Outlook calendar and adds certain staff as optional attendees - so that we can target the specific group of people to 'invite' them to register and to add the event in their calendar automatically - this would not happen if we simply sent the registration link via a separate outlook e-mail.


One of the attendees was added as an optional attendee and could not join. She then tried to register using the 'normal' registration page/link - and she still couldn't join the webinar.


I was wondering whether adding people as optional attendees through Outlook was causing an issue - but not all optional attendees encountered the issue?


Is there a reason why staff are unable to access a webinar?


Thanks in advance.



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