Teams not allowing to have mobile app connection same time than computer connection- SKYPE supports

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Hi, Teams is really problematic in this situation compared to skype. And I am struggling in following situations. Skype is much better in this. it supports fully below. This is very nasty in teams for my daily work.



Teams does not support two devices from same person but cuts off one unlike Skype allowed to do.

Teams is not allowing to transfer calls to mobile phone, like skype allowed if the invite is from other person than you only.


Explained scenarios more closely.
When I call teams, it gives me option to -other joining options- and then to type my number to it and have call In my mobile.

  • This allows me to have the headphones though phone call (not teams app) and see the screen in my computer)


When someone else is asking teams meeting, I have to join with my mobile.  And I am not able to see anything in computer screen- since if I try to open the mute connection on computer- it cuts the mobile teams app connection.


If I join with mobile app my own meeting, I cannot share on my computer mute anything since the mobile app will be cut off.


Why I want to have the phone in the call is that only with mobile the connection of the headphones is clear to other people.

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You should have an audio conferencing number, just call in via mobile dial in from your phone, then join on your PC to the join link, then you can have both just fine.