Teams Live Event Quality reporting

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I am trying to find a way to lookup Quality of Experience on Live Events.

I can do it with Meetings or Calls using Teams Admin console, Power BI QER, or Call Quality Dashboard.

Today I have had a report that many of the participants of a Live event had freezing.
I tried to hunt it down.
In Teams admin Center I can only see the live event for two people. In Usage reports and on the users Meetings&Calls tab




Can only see the two people who were "Producers" as part of the meeting.
It does indicate they have Poor Wifi so that may be part of the issue.

But what I don't understand it that every other participant in the Live Event does not show anything at this time in Meetings and Calls. Does it not track participants in Live Events?

I tried Power BI Quality of Experience report. That will not even find the Meeting ID at all. I am thinking it filters out LiveEvent calls

CQD detailed reports is not breaking it down far enough to the user level



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Can you eleborate a bit more on the settings of the live event? Does it have externals or is it internal only?
This is important also regarding your freezes users mentioned.
All Attendees were internal.
Our default policy does allow externals but none were in the meeting.