Teams in windows 11 missing custom backgrounds on camera filter.

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Hello, I have a simple issue with a family member. I am using Ofifce 365 for home with my family ,no issues there, on our windows 10 machines we can run meetings and such and we have custom backgrounds besides the blur option.  One of our family members laptop decided to update to windows 11 without warning but so far no issues there. THe issue comes with Teams in windows 11, it seems that he cannot set up custom backgrounds anymore, not even different backgrounds only the BLUR option. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling teams and it did not work. Furthermore if we try to download the windows 10 teams,  from here, and open that Teams client, it only lets you use work or school accounts, not home accounts. In fact we tried to log in with his account on that client and it said "ask your admin to enable teams"  which made no sense. Same account works fine on any windows 10 machine with Teams and can set custom backgrounds and such but on windows 11 the client does not provide such options.

Is it possible to force the windows 10 Teams client to allow login of home accounts in windows 11? or should we try and revert back to windows 10 , the custom background is a feature our family uses a lot on teams calls and it seems weird to us , like a downgrade we cannot do this in windows 11 nor even install the windows 10 version.

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This is so frustrating. Worked fine before I foolishly updated my laptop to Windows 11. It's typical Microsoft - randomly removing features they cannot be bothered to reimplement.

@Mytre990 yep, I also see the missing 'custom background' after the Win 11 upgrade...

I am having the same issue.  Only no background or 'blur' options.  It is very frustrating.  Can't find a thread that addresses this issue.@erikssou 

Any updates on this? Or any other way to use custom backgrounds in MS Teams?
I have not seen any update or remedy for this. It is very frustrating especially during interviews working remotely. No one wants to see my messy house especially some Executive you're trying to get a job with. I did see ONE post from an Microsoft Independent Advisor who said there is the blur feature for Windows 11, but I haven't even seen that option.

@Trang_Nguyen Blur is available in Windows 11.