How to monitor when someone is leaving a Team or a channel

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We have teams of people all members a a specifc team / channel and used by their manager to communicate etc.

The fact is that these user can leave a channel and leave the team.


How can we let the manager know when this happen ? 


Ive looked through 'activity alert' in the defender admin portal but the only event I could find is "when a member is deleted from a team' ... and this event does not trigger when the user is leaving on his own.


Maybe there is a way to block them from leaving a team or a channel ? 




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Is this possible to block a user to leave a M365 group maybe ? If the team is attached to this group, maybe the user can't leave the team ?

No help ? 
It could be feasible to block the possibility to leave a channel or a team ...  no ?

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I understand that you want to block the possibility of leaving a Teams channel or a team

After further research, unfortunately this feature is currently not available. All users have the capability of leaving a team or channel as the option is active


Reference article: Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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First, you can use the "Activity alert" feature in the Defender admin portal. This will send an alert to the manager when a member is deleted from a team. To use this feature, go to the Defender admin portal and click on "Alerts." Then, click on "Create alert." Select "Member deleted from team" as the event type and then add the manager's email address to the alert recipients list.

Second, you can use a third-party tool to monitor team activity. There are a number of different tools available, but one that is popular is Microsoft Teams Activity Reports. This tool will send an email to the manager when a member leaves a team or a channel. To use this tool, go to the Microsoft Teams Activity Reports website and create an account. Then, add the manager's email address to the list of recipients.

Finally, you can manually monitor team activity by checking the team roster. To do this, go to the team and click on the "Members" tab. Then, scroll through the list of members and look for any that have been deleted. If you see a member that has been deleted, you can contact the manager and let them know.

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There is some ways to block things. Erina posted some.
I found also a ay ith dynamic group
Hi !
Ive tested Activity alerts and can say a user is not considered as deleted if he leaves on its own.
Im gonna look at Microsoft Teams Activity Reports, but im not a big fan of third party tools.
I do not want to go to the manual way of doind this. You have to know the complete lists of users to be able to find the one who could have left. And you can't ask that to all the managers.

I found a few other ways :
- using dynamic m365 group , you can add users but they won't be able to leave it. But you will not be able to add a new member through the team management UI, nor delete a member.

- using Teams with powershell, you could list all members of the teams / channels you want to watch, and compare members with the last results, find the missing members then send mails, re-add members, ...

- using grapAPI, you can subscribe to membership changes.
(This one is more technical)