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There is a picture that I need off a chat.  I click the image and then select save.  I see a message that the file is downloading.  Where does it go?  I have looked around in files on my phone and cannot find it. 

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It is your default Download location
/storage/emulated/0/Download for example
Look for files like
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I found the download files here:  

Internal Storage>Android>data>>files>Download
I found it!

Thank you, @ScreaminScott, that is one of the most unintuitive places for a Teams download. (I'm not blaming you ;) Why on earth it doesn't use the default download location beats me. I can understand that there may be different setups on phones and they wanted to have a location that will definitely be there - but surely it can check for a default download folder first and if it is not found put it in this obscure folder.

I can't find the files downloaded from microsoft teams in my device (GOOGLE PIXEL)
This isn't working
This isn't working for me

This does not work. data folder is empty.


Media folder has subfolder but none referring to microsoft or teams

I think the download location is "Android/data/"
How can I download the videos after recording, from my android mobile?

Hello @yamama81  AFAIK, that's not possible right now but you might want to vote on the Uservoice item asking for this feature: Why there is no option to download the recorded meatings in the android version. – Welcome to UserVo...

Actually a jpg will be downloaded in the "picture" folder instead. Why?
Couldn't find my downloaded file anywhere really. Checked below locations
1. Download folders on internal and external storage
2. /storage/emulated/0/Microsoft Teams
3. Onedrive -> Microsoft Teams Chat Files folder which has some recent files but not my currently downloaded file.
This has been made overly difficult for a user to locate ...just a file :(