Teams Error - "We're sorry -- We've run into an issue"

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Hi All, 


Im getting this error "We're sorry -- We've run into an issue" on a few devices, only started today why is this! Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 3.56.14 PM.png


Please help!

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@ThereseSolimeno the frustrating this with this whole world of tech as a service is the consumer ends up with all kinds of stuff to read--things we often don't understand; we end up on obsolete pages and going up blind alleys.


I'm about to give up on Teams. I'm mentally exhausted after getting that same error message, myself, over the past 2 days.

Sorry to hear that @Oz du Soleil   If you'd like personalized tech support, you'll want to go to

Hi @ThereseSolimeno ,


This didn't resolve the issue unfortunately, I had to put in a support call with Microsoft, this has been passed on to the senior technician at Microsoft apparently! @Oz du Soleil I will update in here the resolution! 

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Hi @ThereseSolimeno @Oz du Soleil 


I have resolved this! Nothing on Microsoft end, I tried it off the network and on a hotspot, worked with no issue! So it was a filtering issue our end!



That's great to hear, @AB21805   I hope you won't give up on Teams just yet. :happyface:

changing the wifi network to a mobile hotspot worked for me as well
Fixed, thank you