Teams does not ring on Samsung Xcover 4S/5 Android 11 while Teams on desktop does

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We are using Teams as our phone system. It runs very well on our PC's while users have their required licenses. When we start using Teams on the corporate smartphones (under Microsoft endpoint manager aka Intune), we notice that for the first incoming call after starting up the smartphone and the Teams app, no incoming calls can be heared nor notified. On the Teams desktop app of the PC, the call can be heared and seen. On both the smartphone and the desktop Teams app, a missed call is registred. With a second incoming call, the call cannot be heared nor seen either on the smartphone but a notification of a missed call pops up right after. At the third incoming call, the call can both be heared and seen on the smartphone. Hence, the call can be taken. Anybody any idea what is happening here ?

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