Teams Custom Emojis Arrive in June 2024


The latest technology initiative from Microsoft comes in the form of Teams custom emojis, designed to bring light and happiness to Microsoft 365 tenants. Of course, the light and happiness will only happen if tenants don’t disable the settings in Teams messaging poilicies that allow users to upload custom emojis. A tenant can support up to 5,000 Teams custom emojis. That’s a lot of room for people to get inventive.

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@Tony Redmond Thanks for sharing this! The feature itself looks promising. I'm looking into potential security vulnerabilities before implementing. The Learn documentation for Messaging policy settings does not include the new settings:


Have you or anyone from the community found any documentation on what protections, if any, are applied to the uploaded file -are they scanned for malicious code? 

Images are processed to reduce their size to a small thumbprint before they can be used as an emoji. I imagine this will remove any malware. In any case, I have asked the Teams development group if they have a comment.