Teams Channel Notifications not working in Android

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Phone = Pixel 7 with the latest updates (Android 13).  Running Intune with the "Company Portal".   Teams notifications do work for chat, but not for the Teams channel.    The bell icon for the channel itself will randomly put a slash though it indicates it's not turned on even though I turned it on.  When the bell has no slash, it still does not work.   Things done on the phone.


1. Reinstalled Intune/Company Portal

2. Insured that all Teams notifications are allowed at the OS level.

3. Ensured that Teams notification are turned on in the Teams App profile sectin.

3. Teams channel - Set the "Notify me for" to "All new messages in this channel" (this gest revered back)

4. Rebooted the phone

5. Stopped Teams app on the phone.

6. Logged in and out of Teams on the phone.


Any help much appreciated. 

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So after discussing this with my team, it appears that only my Pixel 7 is having issues. So looking into this.