Teams Channel Calendar App - How to edit another users calendar entry

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If I wanted to edit someone else's Teams channel calendar entry in the calendar channel calendar app, for example, because they have left or if they are away is this possible without having access to their username and password?



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Hello, I’m afraid no. If the user is absent you should talk with your IT admin who can remove/cancel this meeting. Then schedule a new.
Ok thanks so I would need to log into the users mailbox to do this or can I access the o365 group somehow and do this?
Channel meetings belongs to the group calendar so that’s where you’d go with admin privileges using the GUI (for ex. one meeting) or PowerShell for many. You can access group calendars in several ways, Outlook on the web, the Outlook client, from Teams ”Open in SharePoint” etc. Try searching online if you’re not familiar with it.

@blue_man We have a TEAMS Channel Calendar for our Dept. If the 1 person that created these meetings for us it out, there is no way to cancel then or change them. We need to have 3 admin and 1 one Chief of Staff to have access to update these meetings if needed. Will there be an option where on the TEAM Channel Calendar that we can have a few people with full access to change meetings