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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams camera device when using Poly CCX 500 phone

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When I am in a call and use my Poly CCX 500 phone for audio I cannot use a webcam that is directly attached to my computer. It will only let me use a camera attached to the phone.


This is a serious issue.

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Join the conversation from your computer as well and then you can use the camera. I do it all the time.
I did join from my computer. I was using the phone as the audio device and it would not let me do that and use a camera that is not connected to the phone.

Are you saying you join from your phone and your computer at the same time?


On my computer if I have the phone selected as the audio device it always changes the camera to the phone. If I change the camera back to my USB camera on my computer I am not able to use the phone as an audio device. This is going to frustrate any users I give one one of these phones to.


The clear benefit to using the phone is that it handles the duplexing of audio much better than "pc mic and speakers"  


Yes, I join from both. I join the PC second and it joins without audio.

You are confusing me as well, because I'm pretty sure that the CCX 500 phone doesn't support video.
That is my understanding (ccx500 does not support video). That is why I don't understand why the client will not let my pick a different video device and let me join one time. Like I said We have a lot of users who are going to dislike that and say zoom is better.