Teams Call Ringing Continues After Answering

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Hi there Community,


We're running Teams 533356 and 531156 on Apple macOS 12.6.1 Monterey. In the last 2 weeks we're seeing many internal Teams calls continue to ring after answering. Only way to stop the ringing is to quit Teams and re-launch. Anybody else seeing this ?


Regards, John B

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Hello John,

Can you please perform the below steps and check if you are able to resolve the issue for your users

1. Uninstall Microsoft Teams (Go to Applications -> Microsoft Teams -> Command+Delete -- when asked, enter MAC password)
2. Browse to ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/ (Terminal -- cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/Microsoft/)
3. Delete Entire "Teams" folder (sudo rm -rf Teams)
4. Install Microsoft Teams
5. Open Teams. Use as usual, as this would either let you chose an existing account and follow process or will prompt to enter your desired account to chose)

With Regards,
Satish U
Same issue. Reinstalls and caches don't work. Seems to be tenant wide.
Seeing the same thing here on Windows 11. Not sure if it is tenant wide, so far only users with Windows 11 have reported the issue.

Having the same issue, but only when calling certain accounts using Windows 10 devices. Example would be if iPad A gets a call from PC A, PC A continues to ring after answering. But if iPad A calls PC A, no issue at all. Now if iPad A gets a call from PC B, there's no issue. This continues with random users calling iPad A. I've tried reimaging multiple PCs, even tried reimaging iPads. It almost seems account based, but not every account has an issue calling the iPad. Even tried using the browser version of Teams and still have the issue.



Users may hear a continuous ringtone after dialing, answering, or hanging up a call in Microsoft Teams

ID: TM511174




Service Degradation



Impacted services

Microsoft Teams




Title: Users may hear a continuous ringtone after dialing, answering, or hanging up a call in Microsoft Teams

User impact: Users may hear a continuous ringtone after dialing, answering, or hanging up a call in Microsoft Teams.

More info: This issue impacts the Microsoft Teams desktop client and web app, but the Microsoft Teams mobile app isn't affected. Users may need to close the desktop client or web version completely for the ringtone to end. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) users will continue to be impacted until the full fix is deployed.

Current status: We've confirmed that the formerly delayed fix has begun deployment and is tentatively scheduled to fully saturate by February 26, 2023, barring any blockers. In the interim, we're also developing an alternative fix to more expediently provide relief. We anticipate that this expedited fix will be ready to deploy by Friday, February 17, 2023, and we'll delineate a more concrete estimated time to resolution at our next scheduled update.

Scope of impact: Users answering, dialing, or hanging up some calls on the Microsoft Teams desktop client and web app may experience impact.

Root cause: A code conflict in a recently updated Microsoft Teams build is resulting in impact.

Next update by: Friday, February 17, 2023, at 9:30 PM UTC


@HubBugFinder Issue remains. Call comes in ringing in primary, pickup in primary, continues to ring into the secondary, picked up in secondary by a different rep, and co-joined to the same call?


Similar issue here. Everyday more users are reporting it. If primary user desk phone rings, then delegate picks up call, primary user and all other delegates continue to have their desk phones rings for about 10 rings. Most users here have no delegate, some have 1 delegate, but a few folks have 2-3 delegates. Microsoft's documentation says you can have up to 25 delegates. This issue started a few months ago for one user, now I've had 8 people report it in the last 2 weeks. We have reset the physical desk phones, turned off all delegates and set them up fresh, made sure the phone firmware & Teams were updates, swapped out physical desk phones, turned on/off the Enable lightweight calling experience. Nothing is resolving this issue. I believe the problem is in Teams code at this point, not our hardware or configuration. 

Does anyone have a resolution yet?

Hello, I have a user in the organization I work for who has the same issue described by OP. Is this fixed yet? Deleting cache only worked for a while but then the issue repeated itself, and recently deleting cache doesn't even work anymore. The user described that the issue appeared when he upgraded to W11.

@Shamiir18 We are still having the issue. I've been sending Teams log files to Microsoft nearly every day. Hope they figure it out soon. 


What PSTN are you using? A Teams calling plan? Operator connect or direct routing? We are using Direct Routing so it is hard to tell if it is Microsoft's issue or our SBC.

Hello, thank you for replying. Since I'm in the Service Desk area I can't answer those questions because I don't manage the Teams environment and/or infrastructure, but I can tell you that we had some trouble with the SBC a few months ago, and it was supposedly fixed (at least the issues relating to that problem disappeared after the vendor restarted the SBC). That's all I can say about that, but I'll ask your questions to our internal Teams support area and see if I can get some answers.
Apparently it was patched months ago, but we are still seeing the problem. It doesn't seem to matter who (or what device) is calling who. Clients who have the issue will see this behavior both calling out and receiving calls. The ring will continue after the call is answered. Deleting cache "seems" to help some users, but not all. Even a full purge and reinstall only ever helps temporarily.

We've been seeing this for more than a few months now, and it's highly disruptive. The only way to stop the ring in to kill the client and re-launch, and sometimes users are having to do that several times while attempting to setup meetings and conference calls.

Did we all jump on to Teams VoIP before it was actually ready for prime time?
I'd log a job with MS Support. They had to do something to our tenant manually :)

Still suffering here and it's October! Slow fix :xd: @HubBugFinder 

We created a ticket with Microsoft Support. Every few days I had to ask for updates. Every time I did they told me that the problem was my PC (even though everyone with the problem has it on every pc they use) and each time they had me generate support files for them again. At some point my test system stopped having the problem, and they told me that they could no longer help unless I bothered one of my users every few days to get support files (the support files that I had provided many times) and when I told them I didn't want to do that they insisted there was nothing they could do. We got  our Account Rep involved and they got more active, but still never found a solution. They just kept insisting that the problem was on the PCs, and not related to Teams.


Later I talked to a Microsoft Partner, who I won't name, and he explained that the way the Support system is structured, it benifits the first level support provider (who isn't Microsoft) to keep the tickets open as long as possible because they are paid based on the time they spend on each incident.


All that to say, Microsoft Support is only useful for burning your own time. I certainly wouldn't expect to get any help from them.



Edit: I forgot to mention that even having A5/E5 licensing, that costs hundres of thousdands, doesn't get you "premium support." Microsoft will sell you that seperately. This is just my opinion, but that model seems to encourage the not-premium support to be less than helpful. If it was useful people probably wouldn't pay for "premium," right?


If I sound salty, yeah.

What awful service! I appreciate the update, although I won't hold out hope of this fixing itself anytime soon and will hunt about for other call solutions.

Funny that they tried to pin it on blue tooth headsets and PCs - I'm on a Macbook Air and have the same issue, using plug-in old school Wantek headset mostly. Every call I get this, I've had this since first using Teams (6 months ago). Originally I was using a full Mac and had the same issue - I've even tried my bluetooth headset from home with the same results!

Right. It's exceptionally bad support. Everyone in my department (IT Department) refuses to work with them anymore. It's been a pretty consistantly fruitless experience, and we've all decided that it's all hassle and no gain to work with Microsoft Support.

We were able to work through this with Microsoft support. I did have to train my users to send me diagnostics whenever they had the issue. It took a few weeks but we did get it fixed. I think Microsoft fixed something on their end and didn't own up to it.

I keep seeing posts here and on other forums where people are saying that the solution was something that Microsoft did on their tennent or instance (server side). Unfortunately, I could never get anyone from Microsoft to concider the posibility that it could be anything but client-side..


and how did they fix the issue? We are facing same issue.