Teams App Error (Not able to view Planner within App)

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A Teams Member is getting the following error message on the Planner tab. Already cleared the Teams Cache and signed in again but the issue is not resolved.


Teams a.jpg

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Can you add the image as an attachement?

So the rest of the team members have access to the planner?

@adam deltinger  Yes checked with 2 other members, it works fine.

I would make sure the user can access the planner page! Also then try to remove the user from the Team and re add him/her

@adam deltinger  The error message is only on the Teams desktop App but works fine on the web version.

Ok! Great! Try to remove the user and then re add

@adam deltinger Yes I have just removed the user and added hi again, shall I ask him to check immediately or after sometime?

Ask him to check and also re check later

@adam deltinger  removed the user and added him again, but still the same problem.