Teams- Android - Error code 50058

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Hello there.
The Teams app is asking me for a code. It sends a code number to my email, but that code doesn't do anything and it asks for a new code again and again.
It used to work ok a week ago, and O have been using the app for a while now (2 years or so)

I don't know what to do, I need to upload some files ASAP. I'm a student btw.
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That's strange...Have you reported your Teams Admin this problem? Have you tried to reinstall again the App or at least be sure it's updated?
It is updated and a I joined the beta program yesterday, just in case.
The admin is my teacher, I'm trying to get it contact with him, but I can't think how he could work this out.
This is what the Teams app sends me to my e-mail. I really don't know what's going on.
As you can see it's in English which is more weird.
The code you have received is not related to the error you are having while trying to use Teams...Do you know if you are acceding to Teams as guest or as user with a license assigned? It seems the App is trying to authenticate you, but it's not being successful
I'm accessing it the same as always. I can see my profile and files, folders, chats, everything, but after 5 seconds or so, it asks for a number.
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I've reinstalled the app , now works...
How do I fix Error 50058?
Step-by-step process – How to fix Office 365 error code 50058
On your Windows computer, type in “Credential Manager” in the search bar.
Now click on “Credential Manager”.
Now click on “Windows Credentials”.
Find the credentials related to your Office account and change them.
Finally, close and test the fix.