Error caa70004

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Any solution to repair this? even uninstalling reinstalling does not work


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tried all, didnt work

I know the clear cache scripts not always deletes everything! I’d go to the locations and make sure to delete everything manually after uninstalling. Then do a reinstall

tried 3 times and did not work this solution

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@hgallardo , En mi caso fue facil. fui a opciones de internet (internet options) y activé los TLS 1.0, 1.1 y 1.2




@hgallardoTry to force TLS to 1.2 or higher in advanced settigs for iexplore, for me it works! I hope for you

First check if you’re connected to internet or network.
Or run task manager and end all the running task and try again.
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it worked thank you so much