Teams Adds Snapchat Lenses to Video Effects for Meetings


Teams meeting participants can now choose from 24 Snapchat Lenses as effects to apply to their video feed. It’s unclear how advantageous these lenses are to the efficient running of Teams meetings, but beauty is very much in the eye of the individual meeting participant. Some will find the Snapchat Lenses create a compelling effect. Others will be less positive. But across the 280 million monthly active Teams users, there’s bound to be some who absolutely love these effects.

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Thanks for the run down on the process. I think it'll be pretty fun having them available - but what I think we're really seeing is the early days of filter integrations. I'm betting we'll see, higher-quality touch-up filters making their way to Teams that will be used by more people. These early Snap filters are just a flex to show what can be done. Whenever I've demo'd the soft-focus filter for clients, there's always a good number of people who immediately want to try it out.

There needs to be a way to use custom filters too, the way you can in Snap Camera (when it was still supported), and how you can do it in Snapchat.


I personally know women who had make-up filters created for them (to closely match how they do their real-life make up), so that when they work from home or have to take an unscheduled meeting on a weekend or after hours they can still look professional. It honestly works really really well.


If Microsoft is the reason that Snap removed support for Snap Camera for desktop (because of this deal), they they should make sure to enable the same functionality.


@Tony Redmond