Team calls not ringing on Mobile app anymore

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I’m using Teams on both my laptop and iPhone, and when I received calls it used to call on both at the same time, given I was logged in both places. It has however now suddenly stopped ringing on my mobile app, and only comes in on my laptop. Which is frustrating as I would like to have the opportunity to choose where to take the call from.
How do I change that so I get call simultaneously on both devices again?

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@Callesk, I have seen this before and found that if I signed out of the Teams app on my iPhone and then signed in again, then the calls started going to both places again.

@Daniel Watson Thanks very much for that advise, as that helped for me as well.

Hi @Callesk 


This majorly happens on the devices wherein once the application goes in the background some of the devices kills the application which causes the issue. Killing the application in the background to save battery is a major feature.


As soon as the application is back in the foreground and is running the application will fork the call and ring on both the logged in places.  


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Hi. we've tried this as well as uninstalling/reinstalling the app and checked all settings and nothing is working. Is there a known bug today, over a year later than your post?
There was an outage on Microsoft Server side which is causing the issue. Please refer below id for additional reference

Title: Users are missing calls to their Microsoft Teams for iOS app
ID: TM267852
Good Evening,
We have also been experiencing the issue; especially today and I was keen to look up further information. The ID of TM267852 took me back to this thread though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
July 8, 2021 6:13 PM
Title: Users are missing calls to their Microsoft Teams for iOS app

User Impact: Users aren't receiving calls to their Microsoft Teams for iOS app.

Final status: We've confirmed with impacted users and through internal telemetry that reverting the problematic change has been resolved the issue.

Scope of impact: This issue may have impacted any user attempting to receive calls to the Microsoft Teams iOS app.

Start time: Thursday, July 8, 2021, 6:10 AM (10:10 AM UTC)

End time: Thursday, July 8, 2021, 12:55 PM (4:55 PM UTC)

Preliminary root cause: A recent configuration update to a subset of notification systems that facilitate iOS call notifications contained an error, resulting in impact.

Next steps:
- We're reviewing our configuration update testing and validation processes to better identify similar problems impacting calls through the Microsoft Teams iOS mobile app prior to deployment.

We'll publish a post-incident report within five business days.
That is awesome thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I can see the incident report page now and have signed up for the alerts.
Curious if anyone is experiencing this today. Logging out and back in has not helped, nor has making any adjustment to Settings on either desktop or mobile apps. This has been a persistent issue since switching to Teams Only mode.

@Callesk its 8-27 and I am having this issue where calls will sometimes ring through onto my IOS teams ap but other times it wont. I work remotely so I can't answer via my desktop since remote doesn't access the internal microphone so I have to answer with my cellphone. This is very frustrating and I am losing business by not being able to take client calls. 

Not sure if this will help, but I did initiate a log in and log out of the skype app on my iPhone.  Can't conclusively state if that is what fixed it, but it's working now.  I previously tried rebooting phone, signing out of teams, deleting user, deleting all data, deleting app, logging out on desktop, logging back in using LTE, logging in using wi-fi...all of which failed to make it work.  The standard MS statement of "Contact your IT Admin" is useless when YOU are the admin!  In the end, I have a feeling that something skype-related was taking over the connection and preventing the calls from coming through to the phone.  It's something to try at least. 



Hey thanks for the response but I don't have Skype on my phone. I have tried all the things you have advised as well. I reached out to my IT department and apparently several other employees have mentioned the same issues but our IT has no idea how to fix it. They state its a @microsoft issue. And as we can all see Microsoft Teams hasn't done anything in this form to advise people how to fix the issue. 



Any more update as im having the same issue on some Samsung Android phones, new phones setup, notifications are being received but not ringing on the mobile?


Unfortunately no and as you can see @microsoft doesnt care one bit about users 

Hi @TRKellum  This is a forum by and for Teams users; Microsoft Teams MVPs are experts in this technology and represent Microsoft throughout this community. 


The Feedback portal is where users can report bugs or suggest feature modifications, and track the items' votes and progress. is a tech support site where authorized Microsoft agents are available to troubleshoot issues until they are resolved.



I had the same issue, as described on my iPhone.

After going to ms Teams settings on the iPhone, I discovered a setting to "delete" local ms teams data from the iPhone and re-sync from the server - after restarting the app.

That is what I did. The chat history is now empty on the iPhone (only / not on other devices) and phone ringing works just fine.

Maybe that option in settings was not available last year, when this discussion took place.

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@jochenro thank you very much! I did this and it worked! much obliged,