Start Teams Group Chats with Distribution Lists, Groups, and Tags



A new feature allows Teams users to start new group chats by adding participants from the membership of distribution lists, Microsoft 365 groups, or mail-enabled security groups. It’s a neat way to add up to 249 participants to a new group chat. And while we’re covering the topic of adding people to group chats, we also mention the oft-overlooked feature that allows Teams tags to be used for this purpose.

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@Tony Redmond Great info - thanks for posting!

Is there a way to reduce this number down or block this change? Our large organisation would not like to allow adding 249 users to a group chat.
No. The limit is tied to the limit for group chats (250), so that's what it is. Your organization gets to have large group chats (if they want), with or without this feature.


If you link a distribution group to a chat, will it continually update as members are added and removed?  We want an all staff chat (about 85 people) but don't want to have manually remember to add and remove individuals  all the time.  Thank you @Tony Redmond 

The membership is read once, and the chat participants aren't updated thereafter if the DL is updated.