Sometimes, Teams windows just disappear on Mac (Monterey)

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Sometimes, when using Teams on a Mac, the windows of the application just disappear. It seems like they can't be brought to the foreground by any of the Teams menu (i.e. Bring All to Front). 


The only way out is to close Teams and start again. 


How can this be? 

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Hello @Marky_Goldstein   this issue has been reported in a previous post (see below) and there's no solution for it yet.  I've reported it to the program managers and they've asked that you 

please download and share the Diagnostics logs when it happens again. You can download it right after you have to restart Teams. Here's how to do it:
Press (Command+Option+SHFT+1) in client to download logs. Note, be sure to use the 1 on top of keyboard and not 1 from number pad as that maps to a different key. Logs will be available in Downloads folder


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