Sometimes, Teams windows just disappear on Mac (Monterey)

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Sometimes, when using Teams on a Mac, the windows of the application just disappear. It seems like they can't be brought to the foreground by any of the Teams menu (i.e. Bring All to Front). 


The only way out is to close Teams and start again. 


How can this be? 

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Hello @Marky_Goldstein   this issue has been reported in a previous post (see below) and there's no solution for it yet.  I've reported it to the program managers and they've asked that you 

please download and share the Diagnostics logs when it happens again. You can download it right after you have to restart Teams. Here's how to do it:
Press (Command+Option+SHFT+1) in client to download logs. Note, be sure to use the 1 on top of keyboard and not 1 from number pad as that maps to a different key. Logs will be available in Downloads folder


Past post: Mac Teams Client - Main Teams window stops displaying after a few days - Microsoft Tech Community

I am following up wrt this issue. I still intermittently experience this issue on Apple Silicon on Monterey w/Teams I will provide the Diagnostic logs as requested. I believe the trigger might in fact have something to do with Command+Tab vs Alt+Tab, as some of the other posters suggested.
I have logs as instructed. Where to I upload the logs?



I frequently have this issue also. It seems to occur most often when i've left the computer for a while and come back to resume my work. I always have to quit and re-open teams to get the window to come back.


Mac OS: 13.3.1 (22E261) (apple silicon)


@orwollb since I switched from Intel to M1, Teams runs much more reliable



I'm running on apple silicon (M2 chip). Hasn't really changed the behavior for me.



I also wonder: when you close the teams window (clicking the red button in the upper left corner) - the teams application remains open but there is nothing that you can do. I have found no menu option to re-open the main teams window and this is another easily reproducible way to get to the situation where the teams window is unavailable and you must quit and re-open teams to get back to it.

Yes, it's still sometimes restarting in weird way, but it has improved slightly.
Microsoft will soon bring an update to Teams, which is currently available in some preview.

Teams is really the last innovative product of Microsoft, while Excel and Word are dead-end :)


I have this problem on Mac OS 14..1.2 (latest updates as of today - 12/08/2024) but I am running Intel silicon (MacBook Pro, 15-inch, 2019). Thus I don't think it's related to silicon; it's simply Teams on Mac OS.

@drdread in recent months I have occasionally had this issue, but I have found (I'm not sure if it was an update to the Teams app or some other fix) that I can now re-open the main teams window by clicking on the teams icon in the dock. This has been reliable for me, and works when I do the test of closing the teams window (without quitting).


Does that potentially work for you?

As I remember an update of the OS fixed it for me. It's always good to run the latest versions of everything, contrary to other beliefs.