Skype Contacts not available to sync in Teams settings

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I had an issue where Skype failed to open, uninstalled, reloaded, same issue. Did this a few times and removed various "hidden" folders and cleaned the registry and still have the same issue, Skype installs, appears to run, but does not display any content. I decided to utilise Teams, and because Skype will not open, even though it is installed, the Skype contacts list is not available to sync. I can open Skype online, also from my (Android) mobile phone it does work, and have exported the contacts as a csv file, so the Skype profile is working.

Loaded Teams to the mobile in the vain hope it would sync with Skype from there, but no joy. Even tried using the csv to load to Outlook contacts but it tells me it is not in the correct format, so, I am going around in circles and getting nowhere.

On the desktop version of Skype on a W11 Pro laptop, Skype does show as a functioning background process (in Task Manager) but does not open (no displayed content), if I check the various permissions, Camera, Mic, etc, Skype is not listed as an option, Skype was functioning happily until a few days ago and despite uninstalling and reloading, it still fails to open, any suggestions on what to try?

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