want to turn off teams notifications on one device while still get them on another.

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On my iPhone, I have multiple teams accounts. How do I selectively turn off or on notifications on one device without turning off notifications on another device. 


For example; I have my daughter's school, and friends account on my iPhone, as well as my work teams account (3 accounts on one device). I want to be able to turn off all notifications from my daughter's account on my iPhone without affecting the notifications she should get on her iPad. And, I still want to be able to receive notifications from my work. 


Please advise how this can be done. 
Thank you. 

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Hi @jettam  Each device should have its own settings where you can adjust the notifications for that device.  This might help: Troubleshoot notifications for Teams mobile apps - Office Support (microsoft.com)


No, its not.

When disabling notification on 1 windows device, it's automatically off also on the second windows device.

With that and with many bugs on which device it will to ring, it's really bad.




This is still a problem.  I have to stay signed in on multiple conference rooms, my laptop, and my phone.  I don't see why the notification settings are per account rather than per device.  That's just completely insane.

Furthermore, on the Windows 11 PC I have to use in one spot, Teams does not respect the fact that I've turned off notifications on the machine and also have system-level do not disturb turned on.  What is going on?