Shared Teams URL - How to find original Group?

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Bit of a silly question, but I recently started a new role in my company and am working with a number of groups in MS Teams now.


I have a ton of Groups, and emails/chats/messages are flying around with lots of files to share.


I click on a link, and it sometimes brings me to a page on MS Teams saying I dont have access to XYZ file.


Sometimes (inconsistently) I can get a link to "Request access"


But in lieu of this link, and having to go back to the original person that gave me the link - Is there a way I can "trace back" which group a shared link may have originated from?


I mean, if I dont have access to something thats fine. But I was hoping for some way where I can trace the shared link back to an owner so I can just message them to let them know I need access.


Not sure if this makes sense, and apologies if this has been discussed at some point in time but I couldnt find anything conclusive. 


Thank you

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Hi @rodneyc8063 ,


Not easily, it'll depend on the exact type of link as there are a few different, but typically it will look like


I've highlighted in red the Teams name.


Now the issue seems to be your new colleagues are seeing something for you in Teams and sharing a link, which is kinda weird behaviour. Why not add you to the Team and then just @ you against the file.