Send email from MS Teams chat

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Hey guys,


I've question (maybe a lilly one) about MS Teams.

I have chats with some collegues about stuff at work and some of them are sending some documents like PDF or pictures.

I have to share some of these pictures to customers and I wanted to know if it was possible to share it directy from teams?

I see th button "Share in Outlooks" but it shares the conversation and bot the picture. I see the possibility to do it directly on the file in SharPoint but not in MS Teams (I can generate a link but impossible to send directy in Teams).

Do you know if I can do it? Maybe installing something in Teams?

Thank you in advance,

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If this is in a private chat those files are shared from the sharers OneDrive. You can most likely not reshare this. If it’s in a team you can click on copy link and edit the permissions from there
Thank you for the answer, I saw that yes, but is it possible to send it from this screen?
Whe I generate the link, I can edit the permissions and chose who will have access to my file but not sending it. In SharePoint, I can by clicking on "Share", but not in Teams