Microsoft Phone System integration with Dynamics365 CRM


Does anyone know if an integration between the Microsoft Phone System in Teams and Dynamics365 CRM is in the works?  Would like to switch from our existing cloud hosted phone system provider to Microsoft's phone system but need dialing/screen-pop capabilities integrated with CRM. 

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Hi @Kevin_Wydra, I'm not sure if you can expect a native integration for Teams Phone System and Dynamics365 in the near future. I'd say this is usually partner business.


There are a few partners who offer (third party) software services to integrate CRMs and telephony. E.g.

  • Anywhere365,
  • Luware,
  • LandisTechnologies
  • ...

The question is what are your requirements?

And is there a need for phone system integration or could maybe a bot integration or similar do the job? So, in case you need reverse number lookup and display a number based on your CRM etc. you probably need a third party software service/integration.



I completely agree that there absolutely should be native Screen pop (i.e. CRM PHONE CALL Activity) integration from MS Phone System to Dynamics 365. No need for a Vendor IMO. An incoming call should lookup via DID or DNIS match to a CRM phone number field and pop into Account, Contact, (lead if no match), Case or Opp. 


If we want to do better than Salesforce, then lets actually do better. This is but one really simple battle card item to do just that. We'll talk about call recording and outbound calling campaigns later.

Any news about this crm / teams integration? maybe going to use teams phone system end would be nice to now a bit more about crm / teams integration...

Nothing yet. I wish I knew if this was on the Roadmap. If it weren't we would build and support it as an offering

OK so we're at a cross-roads with this.  We're looking at other voice providers and 3rd party products to link VOIP with Dynamics, purely because Phone System wasn't available in Australia.  With the changes to the SBC model, we can now look at running Teams Phone with local SIP / PSTN providers, but I see the gap here now that this would leave with Dynamics integration.  


@Bryan Tuttle I agree that maybe this isn't on the cards - I can't find anything about this either.  Perhaps the CIF could work?  Perhaps the Teams/Dynamics integration that already exists could be extended to support call outcomes and call lookups in teams and infeed the data in to Teams in a creative way.


The thing is, there are other partners that are already offering this but not native Phone System / Teams integration without extra cost.  So it's the likes of Twilio, Aircall, Ring-Central, Anywhere365, Tenfold etc. that can come to the party to connect 1 Microsoft product to another Microsoft product :)


@Bryan Tuttle how quickly can you write it? :)



@Bryan Tuttle We have written a Microsoft Teams Integration (In Meeting Application that is wired into Dynamics 365. It's in beta now. If there are anyone interested in Beta testing this application please let me know. While this is not Voice integration in CRM. It does enable Teams users the ability to track there current teams calls in CRM. 

@Bryan Tuttle 


We could be interested in testing the beta version out for our customers. Can you let me know:

1. What features it entails? 

2. What license requirements there are in the event customers would want to leverage it in production at a later stage?

3. Does this require any changes to an existing Teams set up or is a demo environment of Teams is available?

4. Is the beta version available for Denmark?


Thanks in advance.

@Bryan Tuttle Hi Bryan,

Certainly would be interested to know more about the Team to CRM beta integration. Please send on information and I'll see if we can support testing on it.

@Bryan Tuttle we would be very interested in beta testing this functionality as well.

@Bryan Tuttle Your solution may meet our needs to. I want to .quick create a Lead in MSDCRM having take a phone call on Teams, particularly on mobile/handy/cell phone format. I will be looking at Power Apps but your development seems relevant too 

Hi Bryan.

We would also be interested in testing you software.

Best regards
Hi Bryan,
I'm interested in that solution.
Please let me know how I can get and test it.


@Keltec-AU We have a Solution in place, Prodcut Site not in English at the Moment, but the Prodcut is avaialbe in English as well


We would be happy to demo the solution to you guys


Thank you for your reply. The product looks useful and interesting. Our current use of D365 does not involve volume calling x multiple personnel so we need to keep product costs to a minimum. Having said that I would be interested to know more.

@David_Cooksey @Kevin_Wydra 

This was announced at Ignite, and is now available in preview :astonished_face: It captures audio, transcribes the call, produces AI insights about seller productivity and customer sentiment. This is huge:

Do you guys know if this integration is available yet? I've followed the link and it look like exactly what we are requiring w.r.t telephony integration between Team and Dynamics.....but is it up and running yet?